Blu Beri Ltd Ladies Handbag and Accessories Store

How We Got Started

Blu Beri started in 2014, when Angela was inspired to turn her passion for purchasing handbags and accessories into designing and selling such items. Blu Beri's aim is to have products manufactured in the UK, using a contemporary range of fabrics, creating a stylish range of products which they can take to the public via the internet, Country Shows and Fairs. The handbags are thoughtfully designed to create a distinctive contemporary look with function and fashion in mind. Attention to detail is key. 
2015 saw Blu Beri add new products to their range, classic style leather handbags manufactured in Spain,  These quality products are handcrafted in a small Spanish village, using beautiful leather, hand tanned with natural vegetable dyes, fully leather lined, wonderful accessories.

Due to the success of the leather handbags in 2015, 2016 saw Blu Beri extend the range to include the finest Italian leather bags and accessories.

The lastest addition to Blu Beri's product range, Italian cashmere ponchos and other clothing items.